Smart Vehicles

Editors: J.P. Pauwelussen and H.B. Pacejka
TNO Road-Vehicles Research Institute, Delft, The Netherlands and
Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Mobility is essential to economic growth and the sharing of prosperity. Unfortunately, society's increasing transportation needs result in increased traffic congestion and a large number of people killed, injured or permanently handicapped every year.

Automated vehicle control technology or 'Smart Vehicles' for short, is one of the most promising approaches to relieve congestion and to improve safety.

Broad and in-depth outlines of the field of 'Smart Vehicles' are offered in this unique volume with emphasis on the interaction of the vehicle with its environment, active chassis control in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, human factors and traffic safety. Both fundamental aspects and practical recent applications are presented. The book, therefore, offers both a first introduction to 'Smart Vehicles', as well as an overview of their impact on automotive innovation.

August 1995, (480 pages)
ISBN 90 265 1456 5 Price Dfl. 146,25 / US$ 94.00

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