images of traffic scenes and road signs

traffic scenes

Following images show the traffic scenes grabbed from the moving car. These images are the input of the road sign recognition system. The detection algorithm searches for geometrical shapes there by the use of local orientations.

Let us discuss another traffic scene image. It contains two road signs. These are scaled two times (four times after click) on the next picture. Notice the interlace in the image detail.

road signs

To learn the statistical classifier to label real road sign images properly, one needs to use large databases of sign images. The reason is the statistical nature of used machine learning algorithms - the more information at hand, the better generalization capabilities of the classifier.

To collect such a base, we have used Olympus Camedia digital device. Following images show source images that are manually cropped and put into our pattern database. The last image in the line contains several images from the database - various sign types in many sizes are present. These images are used for the learning of our road sign classifier.

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